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The application works on any iOS device with the MSE location services deployed.

This development allows anyone within a building to attach a message to a physical location and direct this message to a particular person.  When the person is within range (configurable option) that person will hear a chime play on their mobile device, select to view this alert, and see visually the message displayed above said location.  The distance this message is visible is also controllable.  Once this message has been delivered, it can notify the sender with a receipt of delivery.  Additionally, this can be utilized to store documents in a physical location and eventually leverage passwords to the documents.


This patent was filed by Peter Michael Gits, Dale Seavey, and assigned to Cisco Systems, Inc. is pursuing the development and marketing of this product category as long as it is aligned with Cisco location service equipment on the back-end.


Digital Graffiti in Nice France

immediate adjacent benefits

The most immediate benefit is that anyone can send a message and can do this at a particular location.  This message can last a certain length of time and once a users has been notified and viewed said message it can be removed from their view, i.e. deleted so they don’t see it again.  These messages can be delivered to a certain amount of people, think advertising when people walk past a location, they can then see this message from their device.  The distance someone can view this message can also be controlled at setup time.

market size

Cisco has just begun to break the barrier on indoor location.  We have been working with the Cisco team to try to exploit indoor location and targeting the best applications.  In its current incarnation, discovering hidden messages throughout an enterprise could be quite useful.  It could also provide instant/constant messages about how to use a certain piece of equipment that is stationed there.  Maintenance records can be kept as the embedded link and allow updates easily without having to have them physically on site.


Next Baby Steps

The raised money will be used to complete the development of the premium services, where this Digital Graffiti is used as the “new billboard”.  We charge the city between 25k,50k, or 100k for the backend services.  This allows the city a certain number of messages per month to be enabled.  This provides users free access to the app and 1 Digital Graffiti message per day each message to last up to two weeks.  Each message will expire without a persistent subscription.

In our advertising model, we will offer messages in lots of 5, 10, 20, 50 Graffiti Messages per month, they can change or revise each of these messages as many times as they wish.

  • default Graffiti size:  1 Euro per month
  • medium Graffiti size: 2 Euro per month
  • large Graffiti size: 5 Euro per month
  • video Graffiti size: 10 Euro per month
  • live video Graffiti feed: 25 Euro per month

These will be on a renewable monthly subscription.  This will also report metrics as to how many times a message was viewed, how many times it was clicked on to either retrieve a coupon, jump to the advertiser’s website, or provide directions to their store, liked or shared.  Initially it will just be a tally of the number of times it was viewed by unique visitors.  This way the ads will have a direct benefit and positioning of the ad types.


This premium development is scheduled to be complete by August 1st, 2013

  • deploy the app to more cities throughout Europe. 
  • Place it in the Cisco demonstration building 12 with the other location designs.
  • build the premium services as identified in the press release below.

Completed Steps:

  • interface built for the MSE location server with augmented reality application functioning
  • GapShare

  • 20 percent of net revenue software and ad sales

  • GapTimeLeft

  • Completed funding 35 days prior to closing date!

  • GapAmount Target

  • 100000 € Euro

  • GapRoyalty is for 7 years from the first shipped product

Current Product Valuation 500000
History of the GapFiller team

The team that built this application for Nice discovered many new features and enhancements which will be patented shortly.

The money will be used for

50% of the money will be used to complete the application focused in an existing enterprise and the other 40% will be used in the promotion of this application within the NICE Wi-Fi Square 3000 square meters of free Wi-Fi in the center of Nice. The application will be a derivative of the yellow stickie note, but in this case will allow people to leave messages at particular locations outdoors. This effort will directly benefit from the premium services being offered to extend the life of the Graffiti message from 7 days to the length of the pilot (1 year).  10% will be used to provide demonstration support to Cisco’s Channel Partners.  We must give away a certain amount of demonstration units to achieve success.  This can also be deployed within an enterprise for free and leverage the private messages as pay messages, or long lasting messages with a certain pricing model.

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